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Knox, established in 2011, focuses on research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of renewable energy products. Knox inverters utilize a digital control chip from TI. The same chip employed in the second generation of SMA inverters, a renowned brand. This feature enables automatic identification and adjustment to external disturbances and abnormal grid changes. Ensuring maximum grid compatibility and maintaining stability in PV systems.
Knox produces high-quality inverters that are designed to provide efficient and reliable power conversion for various applications. Including solar power systems. With a range of options available, from the Knox ASW series to the Knox Krypton and Xenon series. There is a Knox inverter to suit every need.

Knox Inverter Features:

  • Knox hybrid solar inverters are designed to work in harmony with solar panels. Allowing you to install wide range of solar panels and stay on and off grid as required.
  • Knox on-grid solar inverters are ideal for grid-tied solar power systems. Allowing you to sell excess power back to the grid.
  • Knox off-grid solar inverters are perfect for standalone power systems. Providing a reliable source of power in remote locations.
  • Available in a range of sizes from knox for 3kW, 5kW, 10kW, 15kw systems and so on.
  • With the Knox KryptonInfiniXenonArgon, and ASW/G2 Inverters you can enjoy advanced features such as remote monitoring and control. Ensuring that your power system runs smoothly at all times.
  • Knox inverter in Pakistan are designed for durability and reliability. Ensuring that your power system operates efficiently for years to come.
  • The Knox Inverter Price in Pakistan offers great value for money. Making it a cost-effective choice for those looking to invest in reliable power conversion technology without going broke.

Knox Solar Inverter Price and Discounts

We have a range of Knox Inverter including Knox Infini, Knox Krypton, Knox Xenon, Knox Argon, Knox ASW/G2 and many moreThese product designed to meet your diverse needs of solar systems including Knox Inverter for Hybrid Solar System,On-Grid Solar System andOff-Grid Solar System Buy these now from, authorized distributor of Knox Inverters in Pakistan providing official warranty and technical support, and get amazing disocunts on Knox inverters price in Pakistan.

List of all Knox Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan – Knox Inverter Price Today

Knox inverter price in Pakistan starts from Rs. 135,000 to Rs. 10,50,000. This includes Knox Hybrid Solar Inverter in Pakistan, Knox On-Grid Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan and Knox Off-Grid Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan.

Below is the List of all Knox Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan as of July 2024:

Model Rated Power PV System Knox Series Price in Pakistan
Knox ASW 5kW LT-G2 On Grid Solar Inverter 5kW On-Grid ASW Rs. 215,000
Knox ASW 6kW LT-G2 Pro On-Grid Solar Inverter 6kW On-Grid ASW Rs. 235,000
Knox ASW 10kW LT-G2 On-Grid Solar Inverter 10kW On-Grid ASW Rs. 265,000
Knox ASW 15kW LT-G2 Pro On-Grid Solar Inverter 15kW On-Grid ASW Rs. 310,000
Knox ASW 20kW LT-G2 On-Grid Solar Inverter 20kW On-Grid ASW Rs. 360,000
Knox ASW 25kW LT-G2 On-Grid Solar Inverter 25kW On-Grid ASW Rs. 430,000
Knox ASW 30kW LT-G2 On-Grid Solar Inverter 30kW On-Grid ASW Rs. 645,000
Knox ASW 50kW LT-G2 On-Grid Solar Inverter 50kW On-Grid ASW Rs. 720,000
Knox Krypton 5000 Infini V II 3kW-24V Hybrid Solar Inverter 3kW 5000 Hybrid Krypton Rs. 155,000
Knox Krypton 5600 Infini V4 4kW Twin Hybrid Solar Inverter 4kW 5600 Hybrid Krypton Rs. 160,000
Knox Krypton 7200 Infini VII 6kW-48V Hybrid Solar Inverter 6kW 7200 Hybrid Krypton Rs. 200,000
Knox Krypton 7500 Infini VII 6kW 48V Hybrid Solar Inverter 6kW 7500 Hybrid Krypton Rs. 230,000
Knox Krypton 8000 Infini V4 6kW 48V Hybrid Solar Inverter 6kW 8000 Hybrid Krypton Rs. 235,000
Knox Krypton 11000 Infini Max II 8kW 48V Hybrid Solar Inverter 8kW 11000 Hybrid Krypton Rs. 400,000
Knox Krypton 13000 Infini Max II 11kW 48V Hybrid Solar Inverter 11kW 13000 Hybrid Krypton Rs. 465,000
Knox Xenon 9000 Infini V4 WP 6kW Plus Hybrid Solar Inverter 6kW 9000 Hybrid Xenon Rs. 325,000
Knox Xenon 11000 Axpert WP Twin 8kW Hybrid Solar Inverter 8kW 11000 Hybrid Xenon Rs. 470,000
Knox Xenon 14500 InfiniSolar WP Twin 10kW Hybrid Solar Inverter 10kW 14500 Hybrid Xenon Inquire
Knox Xenon 16000 InfiniSolar WP Twin IP65 12kW Hybrid Solar Inverter 12kW 16000 Hybrid Xenon Rs. 840,000
Knox Xenon 22500 InfiniSolar WP Twin IP65 15kW Hybrid Solar Inverter 15kW 22500 Hybrid Xenon Rs. 10,50,000
Knox Argon VM II 3500 3kW Off-Grid Solar Inverter 3kW 3500 Off-Grid Argon Rs. 135,000
Knox Argon VM II 4000 3kW Off-Grid Solar Inverter 3kW 4000 Off-Grid Argon Rs. 145,000
Knox Argon VM II 4500 3kW Off-Grid SolarInverter 3kW 4500 Off-Grid Argon Rs. 155,000
Knox Argon VM II 6000 5kW Off-Grid Solar Inverter 5kW 6000 Off-Grid Argon Rs. 185,000
** The mentioned Knox solar inverter prices in Pakistan are subject to change and may vary based on location, market conditions, and other factors. It’s always best to contact your local distributors or authorized sellers for the most accurate and up-to-date information on prices. Please ensure to verify the prices and other product details before making a purchase by contacting us on +92 (331) 578 9990 or by message on our website chat feature.
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