Knox Argon VM II 3500 3kW Off-Grid Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan

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Knox Argon VMII 3500 3kW Off-Grid Solar Inverter Specs:
  • Rated Power: 3000VA/3000W - Reliable power supply for household needs.
  • Input Voltage: 170-280VAC (PCs); 90-280VAC (appliances) - Broad compatibility.
  • Efficiency (Peak): 93% - Cost-effective operation.
  • Surge Power: 6000VA - Handles high-demand devices easily.
  • Solar Charger Type: MPPT - Maximizes solar energy usage.
  • Max PV Array Power: 3500WKnox Argon VM II 3500 3kW Off-Grid Solar Inverterprice in Pakistan - Efficient solar panel utilization.
  • Battery Voltage: 24VDC - Suitable for home battery systems.
  • Floating Charge Voltage: 27VDC - Optimized battery health.
  • Overcharge Protection: 32VDC - Safeguards battery longevity.
  • Communication Interface: RS232/RS485, Optional WiFi - Easy monitoring and control.
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C to 50°C - Durable in varied climates.
  • Net Weight: 7.2kg - Lightweight for easy installation.

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Knox Argon VM II 3500 3kW Off-Grid Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan – Updated July 2024

As Pakistan grapples with soaring electricity prices and persistent power shortages, the demand for reliable off-grid solar solutions is on the rise. In this era of transformation, the Knox Argon PV 3500 3kW Off-Grid Inverter emerges as a beacon of hope, offering freedom from traditional power sources and empowering consumers to embrace solar energy for a sustainable future. Tailored to meet the unique energy needs of Pakistani households and businesses, this innovative inverter promises to redefine the Off Grid Solar Inverter in Pakistan.

Knox Argon VM II 3500 3KW Off-Grid Solar Inverter Features and Benefits:

Knox Argon 3500 3kW Off-Grid Inverter Features:

  • Reliable Power Output
    • Delivers a steady 3000VA/3000W of power, ideal for powering household appliances and electronics.
    • Maintains a stable AC voltage regulation of 230VAC ± 5% in battery mode, ensuring smooth operation of connected devices.
  • Flexible Voltage Handling
    • Can operate with a wide range of input voltages, from 170-280VAC (optimized for personal computers) and 90-280VAC (for home appliances).
    • Automatically senses and adapts to 50Hz or 60Hz frequency, offering universal compatibility.
  • High Surge Power Capability
    • Capable of handling surges up to 6000VA, providing extra power when needed for high-demand devices.
  • Efficient Energy Conversion
    • Achieves peak efficiency of 93%, ensuring minimal energy wastage and cost-effective operation.
  • Instantaneous Power Transfer
    • Quick transfer times (10ms for PCs, 20ms for home appliances) minimize interruptions during power source changes.
  • Clean Power Output
    • Generates pure sine wave output, delivering clean and stable power suitable for sensitive electronic devices.
  • Smart Battery Management
    • Designed for 24VDC battery systems, with precise floating charge voltage (27VDC) and overcharge protection (32VDC).
  • Advanced Solar Charging
    • Equipped with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, maximizing solar panel efficiency.
    • Supports a maximum PV array power of 3500W and operates optimally between 60VDC to 400VDC.
  • High-Charging Capacity
    • Offers a total maximum charge current of 100A (combined solar and AC charging), ensuring batteries recharge quickly.

Benefits of Knox Argon VMII 3500 3kW Off-Grid Solar Inverter:

  • Continuous Power Supply: Seamless switching between battery and solar modes for uninterrupted device operation.
  • Cost Efficiency: High 93% efficiency reduces operational costs and extends battery life.
  • Broad Compatibility: Flexible voltage and frequency ranges accommodate diverse device types.
  • Enhanced Safety: Overcharge protection and stable power output protect devices and batteries.
  • Optimized Solar Harvest: MPPT technology maximizes solar energy collection for better system performance.
  • Remote Management: WiFi and RS232/RS485 interfaces enable convenient monitoring and control.
  • Durability and Adaptability: Robust design and wide operating conditions ensure reliability in various environments.

Installation and Configuration

The Knox Argon VMII 3500 Solar Inverter comes with a comprehensive installation guide, including step-by-step instructions, wiring diagrams, and schematics. Mounting and tracking options are also available for optimal solar panel positioning. Contact us to hire an expert to install knox solar inverter in Islamabad/Rawalpindi.

Monitoring and Control

Knox Argon VMII 3500 3kW Solar Inverter features advanced monitoring and control capabilities through 4-inch RGB smart touch screen. Allowing users to track real-time performance data, log historical data for analysis about battery, PV, Wapda and load status and more. Users can remotely access and control the system by downloading Knox Solar Inverter App Solplanet, a new generation AI energy app which allows to set-up, commission and monitor your Knox inverters. Integration with mobile apps further enhances the user experience and convenience.

Warranty and Support

The Knox Argon VMII 3500 3kW Off-Grid Solar Inverter is backed by a comprehensive warranty (warranty details to be confirmed). Ensuring peace of mind and long-term reliability. Dedicated customer support is available to assist with any inquiries or issues. You can can contact us through support.

Additional Resources

You can view the Knox Argon VMII 3500 3kW Off-Grid Solar Inverter datasheet in Specification section. Manual, and warranty information for further reference are provided inside Knox inverter Box. Links to related products or solar items and hybrid inverters, such as solar panels and mounting hardware, are also provided for those interested in building a complete solar energy system in Pakistan.

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Knox Argon VMII 3500 3kW Off-Grid Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan

Experience energy freedom and constant power supply with efficient energy management through the Knox Argon 3kW Off-Grid Solar Inverter, setting new standards in Off-Grid Solar Inverter in Pakistan. Offering exceptional value, the Knox Argon PV 3500 3kW Off-Grid Solar Inverter price in Pakistan makes it ideal choice for users looking for the best 3kW off-grid solar inverter in Pakistan.

Knox Argon VMII 3500 3kW Off-Grid Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan is Rs. 135,000 (July 2024).

Buy Knox Argon VMII 3500 3kW Off-Grid Solar Inverter:

Your electricity freedom is just a click away. Buy Knox Argon VMII 3500 3kW Off-Grid Solar Inverter at and enjoy delivery services in Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Sahiwal, Gujranwala, Peshawar, Hyderabad Gujrat, and more.

Contact us through webiste chat or call us at +92 (331) 578 9990 to place your order or request a quote. Our team of experts will guide you through the selection and installation process to ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience.

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List of Knox Off-Grid Inverter Price in Pakistan:

Knox Off-Grid Inverter Price in Pakistan range from Rs. 135,000 to Rs. 185,000.

Below is the List of Knox Off-Grid Inverters Price in Pakistan:

Model Rated Power PV System Price in Pakistan
Knox Argon VM II 3500 3kW Off-Grid Solar Inverter 3kW 3500Knox Argon VM II 3500 3kW Off-Grid Solar Inverterprice in Pakistan Off-Grid Rs. 135,000
Knox Argon VM II 4000 3kW Off-Grid Solar Inverter 3kW 4000 Off-Grid Rs. 145,000
Knox Argon VM II 4500 3kW Off-Grid SolarInverter 3kW 4500 Off-Grid Rs. 155,000
Knox Argon VM II 6000 5kW Off-Grid Solar Inverter 5kW 6000 Off-Grid Rs. 185,000
** The mentioned Knox solar inverter prices in Pakistan are subject to change and may vary based on location, market conditions, and other factors. It’s always best to contact your local distributors or authorized sellers for the most accurate and up-to-date information on prices. Please ensure to verify the prices and other product details before making a purchase by contacting us on +92 (331) 578 9990 or by message on our website chat feature.

Knox Argon VMII 3500 3kW Off-Grid Solar Inverter Data Sheet:

MODEL Argon VM II 3500
Rated Power 3000VA/3000WKnox Argon VM II 3500 3kW Off-Grid Solar Inverterprice in Pakistan
Voltage 230 VAC
Selectable Voltage Range 170-280 VAC (For Personal Computers); 90-280 VAC (For Home Appliances)
Frequency Range 50 Hz/60 Hz (Auto sensing)
AC Voltage Regulation (Batt. Mode) 230VAC ± 5%
Surge Power 6000VA
Efficiency (Peak) 93%
Transfer Time 10 ms (For Personal Computers); 20 ms (For Home Appliances)
Waveform Pure sine wave
Battery Voltage 24 VDC
Floating Charge Voltage 27 VDC
Overcharge Protection 32 VDC
Solar Charger Type MPPT
Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage 450 VDC
Maximum PV Array Power 3500W
MPP Range @ Operating Voltage 60 ~ 400 VDC
Maximum Solar Charge Current 100 A
Maximum AC Charge Current 80 A
Maximum Charge Current 100 A
Dimension, D x W x H (mm) 110 x 288 x 390
Net Weight (kgs) 7.2
Communication Interface RS232/RS485, optional WiFi
Humidity 5% to 95% Relative Humidity (Non-condensing)
Operating Temperature -10°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature -15°C to 60°C


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