Ziewnic Inverter Price in Pakistan

Ziewnic is a leading Pakistani manufacturer of Inverters. Catering to the nation’s growing demand for solar inverters and power backup solutions. Recent Solar industry reports show the solar including inverter market is growing. Driven by households, businesses, and industries seeking uninterrupted power supply.

In 2022, Ziewnic emerged as a top brand with a 25% market share. It offers a diverse range from small home units to large industrial inverters. Ziewnic inverter prices in Pakistan are nominal. Making it an easy option for general public. Ziewnics sustainable inverters appeal to conscious consumers and businesses seeking sustainable solutions.

Beyond power solutions, Ziewnic sponsors sports. Backing the Quetta Gladiators cricket franchise in the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

Despite market challenges, Ziewnic reported 15% year-over-year inverter sales growth in fiscal 2022-23. Testament to the its quality and competitive Ziewnic inverter prices in Pakistan. It has nationwide presence via authorized dealers and service centers across major cities.

To meet growing demand, Ziewnic expanded its Lahore manufacturing facility. It is now capable of producing over 500,000 inverters per year. This ensure steady supply and reasonable Ziewnic inverter prices in Pakistan.

Ziewnic Quality Engineering Process

Ziewnic follows the Five Quality Engineering Process, encompassing:

  1. Design Engineering
  2. Manufacturing Engineering
  3. Component Checking Engineering
  4. Testing Engineering
  5. Reliability Engineering

Innovative Production Unit

Ziewnic operates an innovative and automated production unit. Thats where they manufacture their diverse range of solar inverters. The company places significant emphasis on R&D activities and technological innovation. Ensuring premium and best quality inverters. Rigorous quality control and continuous customer service improvement are integral to their approach. Producing Inverters locally allows consumers to benefit from affordable Ziewnic inverters price in Pakistan.

Ziewnic Inverter Global Reach

In 2018, Ziewnic shipped over 1.33 million inverters to more than 100 countries and regions. Ziewnic recognized by PVBL as the No. 1 Chinese Residential PV Inverter Brand for three consecutive years.

Ziewnic Inverter System Applications

Ziewnic’s product lineup includes:

  • On-grid Inverters
  • Off-grid Inverters
  • Storage Inverters
  • User-side Smart Energy Management Solutions

Power Capacity Ranges:

  • On-grid: 1 kW to 100 kW
  • Off-grid and Storage: 1 kW to 630 kW

Applications span residential, commercial, utility-scale scenarios, and storage power station projects.

Ziewnic Inverter Quality Assurance

Ziewnic’s unwavering commitment to prodce quality inverter includes:

  • Stringent quality control (QC) system
  • State-of-the-art production line
  • Adherence to international quality standards

Ziewnic Top Selling Products and Prices

For detailed product specifications and latest prices visit your desired Ziewnic Inverter product page below.

Why Choose Ziewnic Solar Inverters?

  • Reliable and high-efficiency solar systems with rapid payback periods
  • Effortless design and swift installation process
  • Prompt procurement with short delivery times
  • Compact form factor and lightweight design
  • Exceptional product support
  • Efficient authorization process and extended warranties
  • Complimentary half-year remote access
  • Competitive pricing

With Ziewnic, you are assured of innovative, high-quality, and reliable solar inverter solutions. These Inverters tailored to meet diverse energy needs in Pakistan.

Discounted Ziewnic Inverters Price:

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List of all Ziewnic Inverters Price in Pakistan – Updated July 2024

Below is the list of all Ziewnic Inverters Price in Pakistan as of July 2024:

Model Rated Power Series System Price in Pakistan
Ziewnic Marvel 1.5kW Hybrid Solar Inverter 1.5kW Marvel Hybrid Rs. 60,000
Ziewnic Z4 1.6kW Hybrid Solar Inverter 1.6kW Z4 Hybrid Rs. 66,000
Ziewnic Max 1.7kW Hybrid Solar Inverter 1.7kW Max Hybrid Rs. 105,500
Ziewnic Marvel 2.8kW Hybrid Solar Inverter 2.8kW Marvel Hybrid Rs. 75,000
Ziewnic Z4 2.8kW Hybrid Solar Inverter 2.8kW Z4 Hybrid Rs. 80,000
Ziewnic Max 3.2kW Hybrid Solar Inverter 3.2kW Max Hybrid Rs. 160,500
Ziewnic Diamond 4.5kW Hybrid Solar Inverter 4.5kW Diamond Hybrid Rs. 180,600
Ziewnic Z5 4.5kW Hybrid Solar Inverter 4.5kW Z5 Hybrid Rs. 195,000
Ziewnic Diamond 6.5kW Hybrid Solar Inverter 6.5kW Diamond Hybrid Rs. 210,000
Ziewnic Z5 6.5kW Hybrid Solar Inverter 6.5kW Z5 Hybrid Rs. 225,000
Ziewnic Mars 6.5kW Hybrid Solar Inverter 6.5kW Mars Hybrid Rs. 235,000
Ziewnic Z6 7kW Hybrid Solar Inverter 7kW Z6 Hybrid Rs. 275,500
Ziewnic Lenox 6kW Hybrid Solar Inverter 6kW Lenox Hybrid Rs. 350,000
Ziewnic Diamond 8.5kW Hybrid Solar Inverter 8.5kW Diamond Hybrid Rs. 360,000
Ziewnic Z5 8.5kW Hybrid Solar Inverter 8.5kW Z5 Hybrid Rs. 366,000
Ziewnic Z6 8.5kW Hybrid Solar Inverter 8.5kW Z6 Hybrid Rs. 362,000
Ziewnic Diamond 10.5kW Hybrid Solar Inverter 10.5kW Diamond Hybrid Rs. 375,000
Ziewnic Z6 9kW Hybrid Solar Inverter 9kW Z6 Hybrid Rs. 390,000
Ziewnic Z5 10.5kW Hybrid Solar Inverter 10.5kW Z5 Hybrid Rs. 382,500
Ziewnic Z6 12kW Hybrid Solar Inverter 12kW Z6 Hybrid Rs. 510,500
Ziewnic Marvel 6kW Off Grid Solar Inverter 6kW Marvel Off Grid Rs. 199,000
Ziewnic Marvel 4kW Off Grid Solar Inverter 4kW Marvel Off Grid Rs. 175,000
Ziewnic Sun 25kW On Grid Solar Inverter 25kW Sun On Grid Rs. 440,500
Ziewnic Sun 15kW On Grid Solar Inverter 15kW Sun On Grid Rs. 370,500
Ziewnic TriPower 10kW On Grid Solar Inverter 10kW TriPower On Grid Rs. 320,000
**The mentioned Ziewnic solar inverter prices in Pakistan are subject to change and may vary based on location, market conditions, and other factors. It’s always best to contact your local distributors or authorized sellers for the most accurate and up-to-date information on prices.
Please ensure to verify the prices and other product details before making a purchase by contacting us on +92 (331) 578 9990 or by message on our website chat feature.

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