Knox 8kW On Grid Solar Inverter

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Knox 8kw On Grid Solar Inverter Specs:
  • Max PV Array Power: Capacity of up to 12000 Wp STC, ideal for larger solar arrays.
  • Rated Active Power: Delivers a reliable 8000 W for efficient energy production.
  • AC Nominal Voltage: Accommodates various settings including 230 V / 380 V, 230 V / 400 V, and 240 V / 415 V, ensuring compatibility.
  • Max Output Current: Handles up to 12.8 A for efficient electricity distribution.
  • Feed-In-Phases: Tailored for three-phase systems, supporting power distribution across three phases.
  • Max Efficiency: Peaks at 98.6%, optimizing energy conversion and output.
  • Weight: Maintains a manageable 17.3 Kg, facilitating installation and handling.
  • Topology: Transformerless design enhances efficiency while reducing size.
  • DC Connection: Utilizes Phoenix Contact connectors for reliable and secure connections.

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Knox 8kW On Grid Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan – Updated May 2024

Introducing the Knox 8kW On Grid Solar Inverter, a cutting-edge solution tailored for your solar energy needs. Specifically engineered for 8kW on-grid solar systems, this inverter embodies excellence in performance and reliability, making it the ideal choice for 8kW residential solar system and commercial systems. With its advanced features and seamless integration capabilities, the Knox 8kW OnGrid Inverter brings ease and make your 8kW solar system flow in harmony.

Knox (ASW8K-LT-G2) 8kW inverter is designed for 8kW solar system for home. Whether you’re looking to power your home or small business, this inverter delivers consistent and dependable performance, ensuring a stable and efficient energy supply. Plus, with the innovative Knox application for inverter, monitoring and managing your solar system has never been easier, providing real-time insights and control at your fingertips.

Experience the future of solar energy with the Knox 8kW OnGrid Inverter. With its robust design, advanced technology, and user-friendly features, it represents a significant step towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy future. Trust Knox to power your 8kW solar system with reliability, efficiency, and innovation, paving the way for a brighter tomorrow.

8kW Knox On Grid Inverter Feature:

  • Max PV Array Power and Rated Active Power:

The Knox inverter impresses with its Max PV Array Power capacity. Reaching up to 15000 Wp STC, ensuring efficient utilization of solar resources. Paired with a Rated Active Power output of 10000 W. It excels in converting solar energy into usable electricity, delivering reliable performance for various applications.

  • AC Nominal Voltage and Max Output Current:

Versatile AC Nominal Voltage compatibility allows seamless integration with different power systems. Ranging from 230 V to 400 V. With a Max Output Current of 16 A and operating on three feed-in phases. It ensures stable and dependable power distribution across diverse grid environments.

  • Max Efficiency and Weight:

The inverter sets a benchmark with its exceptional Max Efficiency rating of 98.6%. Minimizing energy loss during conversion and maximizing overall system performance. Despite its powerful capabilities, it maintains a manageable weight of 17.3 Kg. Ensuring ease of installation and handling.

  • Topology and DC Connection:

Featuring a transformerless topology, the inverter ensures efficient energy conversion while minimizing space requirements and maintenance costs. Its reliable DC connection facilitated by Phoenix Contact connectors ensures secure and stable connections, enhancing system performance and safety.

Knox 8kW On Grid Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan

Experience energy freedom and constant power supply with efficient energy management through the Knox 8kW On Grid Solar Inverter, setting new standards for 8kW on grid systems in Pakistan. Offering exceptional value, the Knox 8kW On Grid Solar Inverter price in Pakistan makes it ideal choice for users looking for best 8kW on grid solar inverter for home in Pakistan.

The Knox 8kW On Grid Solar Inverter price in Pakistan is Rs. 255,000 (May 2024).

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Knox (ASW8K-LT-G2) 8kw On Grid Solar Inverter Details:

Max PV Array Power

15000 Wp STC

Rated Active Power

10000 W

AC Nominal Voltage

230 V / 380 V / 230 V / 400 V – 240 V / 415 V

Max Output Current

16 A



Max Efficiency



17.3 Kg



DC Connection

Phoenix Contact



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