Solis 10kW On-Grid Solar Inverter

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Solis 10kw On-Grid Solar Inverter Specs:
  • High efficiency: Up to 98.7% for maximum power use.
  • Smart energy optimization: Wide MPPT voltage range.
  • Safety first: Built-in protection against reverse-polarity and short circuits.
  • Grid-friendly: Compliant with international standards for seamless integration.
  • User-friendly: Easy installation and monitoring with LCD display.
  • Durable design: IP65 protection and natural cooling for longevity.
  • Whisper-quiet: Noise emission below 30dBA.
  • Long-lasting: Designed for over 20 years of service.
  • Warranty flexibility: Extendable up to 20 years.
  • Compact and light: Easy to handle and install.
  • Easy connections: MC4 connectors for DC, terminal connectors for AC.
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Solis 10kW On-Grid Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan – Updated May 2024

The adoption of solar technology is trending in Pakistan due to energy and economic crisis. While a solar system involves many components, an inverter is the most important part of it. Solar inverters play a crucial role in this transition, acting as the backbone of solar power systems. These devices work like magic boxes, converting sunlight into usable electricity for homes and businesses. One such innovative solution is the Solis 10kW On-Grid Solar Inverter, designed to meet the unique energy needs of Pakistani households and commercial establishments.

By harnessing clean energy, solar inverters not only help mitigate the impact of power shortages but also offer significant cost savings on electricity bills. The Solis 10kW On-Grid boasts advanced features such as high power conversion efficiency of up to 98.7% and advanced MPPT technology for optimized energy harvest. With a wide operating temperature range and robust protection mechanisms, including DC reverse-polarity protection and short circuit protection, it ensures reliable and safe operation even in challenging environmental conditions.

Solis 10kW On-Grid Solar Inverter Features and Benefits:


Efficient Power Conversion:

The Solis 10kW On-Grid, excels in power conversion efficiency, boasting a maximum efficiency of 98.7%. This ensures optimal utilization of solar energy, translating into higher energy yields and increased cost savings for users.

Advanced MPPT Technology:

Equipped with advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology. This solar inverter optimizes energy harvest from photovoltaic (PV) panels. The wide MPPT voltage range of 160-850V enables flexibility and adaptability to various PV setups. Maximizing energy production under diverse sunlight conditions.

Comprehensive Protection Mechanisms:

Safety is paramount with the Solis 10kW On-Grid. Featuring robust protection mechanisms such as DC reverse-polarity protection, short circuit protection, and output overvoltage protection. These safeguards ensure reliable and safe operation. Even in challenging environmental conditions.

Seamless Grid Integration:

With a rated output power of 10kW and a grid connection standard compliant with EN50438, G59/3, AS4777, VDE0126-1-1, and IEC61727. This solar inverter seamlessly integrates with the existing power grid. It provides stable and reliable electricity supply. Meeting the requirements of residential and commercial applications.


  • Increased energy efficiency leading to reduced electricity bills.
  • Enhanced reliability and safety with comprehensive protection mechanisms.
  • Seamless integration with the grid for stable electricity supply.
  • User-friendly design for easy installation and operation.
  • Durable construction suitable for diverse environmental conditions.

Solis 10kW On-Grid Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan

Experience energy freedom and constant power supply with efficient energy management through the Solis 10kW On-grid, setting new standards in 10kW on grid solar system in Pakistan. Offering exceptional value, Solis 10kW On-grid Solar Inverter price in Pakistan makes it ideal choice for users looking for the best Solis 10kW Inverter for their 10kW on grid solar system for home in Pakistan.

The Solis 10kW On-Grid Solar Inverter price in Pakistan is Rs. 275,000 (May 2024).

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Solis On-Grid Inverters Price in Pakistan as of May 2024:


Rated Power

Price in Pakistan

Solis 5kW On-Grid Solar Inverter


Rs. 312,000

Solis 10kW On-Grid Solar Inverter


Rs. 275,000

Solis 12kW On-Grid Solar Inverter


Rs. 315,000

Solis 15kW On-Grid Solar Inverter


Rs. 410,000

Solis 20kW On-Grid Solar Inverter


Rs. 461,000

Solis 25kW On-Grid Solar Inverter


Rs. 605,000

Solis 30kW On-Grid Solar Inverter


Rs 647,000

Solis 50kW On-Grid Solar Inverter


Rs. 916,000

Solis 10kW On-Grid Solar Inverter Details:

Model Solis-3P10K-4G
Energy Source PV

Input Side(DC)

Max. DC input power(kW) 12
Max. DC input voltage(V) 1000
Start-up voltage(V) 180
MPPT voltage range(V) 160-850
Max. input current(A) 11A+11A
MPPT number/Max input strings number 2/2

Output Side (AC)

Rated output power(kW) 10
Max. apparent output power(kVA) 11
Max. output power(kW) 11
Rated grid voltage(V) 400
Rated grid frequency(Hz) 50/60
Operation phase Three
Rated grid output current(A) 14.4
Max. output current(A) 15.9
Power Factor (at rated output power) 0.8 leading…0.8lagging
THDi (at rated output power) <1.5%
DC injection current(mA) <0.5%In
Grid frequency range(Hz) 47-52 或 57-62


Max.efficiency 98.7%
EU efficiency 98.1%
MPPTefficiency >99.5%


DC reverse-polarity protection Yes
Short circuit protection Yes
Output over current protection Yes
Output over voltage protection Yes
Insulation resistance monitoring Yes
Residual current detection Yes
Surge protection Yes
Islanding protection Yes
Temperature protection Yes
Integrated DC switch Optional

General Data

Dimensins(mm) 310W*538H*158D
Weight(kg) 14.1
Topology Transformerless
Self consumption (night) <1W(Night)
Operating ambient temperature range -25~60℃
Ingress protection IP65
Noise emission{typical} <30dBA
Cooling concept Natural convection
Max.operation altitude 4000m
Designed lifetime >20years
Grid connection standard EN50438 G59/3 AS4777 VDE0126-1-1 IEC61727
Relative humidity 0~100%
Safty/EMC standard IEC62109-1/-2 AS3100 EN61000-6-1 EN61000-6-3
DC connection MC4
AC connection Terminal connectors

DisplayLCD2×20 Z.

Communication connections 4 pins RS485 connector
Warranty 5 years standard (extend to 20 years)


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