Huawei 25Kw On-Grid Solar Inverter

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Huawei 25Kw On-Grid Solar Inverter Specs:
  • Nominal AC power of 25 kW for residential and small commercial use.
  • Wide operating frequency of 60 Hz and compatibility with 3-phase power systems.
  • Intuitive LED display for easy monitoring and management.
  • Multiple interface options including RS485, USB, and Bluetooth for seamless connectivity.
  • Comprehensive protection features for system reliability and safety.
  • IP65-rated enclosure for durability in harsh environmental conditions.
  • Cost savings on electricity bills through solar energy utilization.
  • Reliable power generation with minimal downtime.
  • Contribution to environmental sustainability.
  • Versatility for diverse applications.
  • Seamless integration with existing electrical systems.
  • Remote monitoring and control capabilities.
  • Compliance with industry standards for reliability and safety.
  • Compact and lightweight design for easy installation.
  • Enhanced durability for long-term performance.
  • Compatibility with local grid specifications.
  • Seamless communication for enhanced connectivity.
  • Scalability to meet evolving energy needs.
  • Easy-to-use interface for hassle-free operation.
  • High efficiency for optimized energy conversion.

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Huawei 25Kw On-Grid Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan – Updated May 2024

The HUAWEI 25kW 3Phase On-Grid is designed to meet the energy demands of both small residences and burgeoning businesses. This inverter embodies reliability and performance. With increasing concerns about energy costs and environmental sustainability, the Huawei 25kW On-Grid Solar Inverter offers a compelling solution for harnessing the abundant solar energy resources of the region. By seamlessly integrating with existing electrical systems and offering robust features, it empowers consumers to take control of their energy consumption while contributing to a greener future.

Huawei 25kW On-Grid Solar Inverter Features and Benefits:


Efficiency and Performance:

  • Boasting a nominal AC power of 25 kW and a maximum AC power of 27.5 kW. The HUAWEI 25kW On-Grid delivers ample energy for residential and small commercial applications.
  • With a wide operating frequency of 60 Hz and compatibility with 3-phase power systems, it ensures stable and reliable power delivery. Catering to diverse energy needs.

Display and Interface:

  • Featuring an intuitive LED display, users can easily monitor and manage the performance of their solar energy system. Ensuring optimal operation.
  • Equipped with multiple interface options including RS485, USB, and Bluetooth, it offers seamless connectivity and control. Empowering users to monitor their energy consumption remotely.

Protection and Durability:

  • With comprehensive protection features including overcurrent protection and overvoltage protection. The HUAWEI 25kW On-Grid ensures system reliability and safety.
  • Its robust construction and IP65-rated enclosure provide protection against dust and water ingress. Ensuring durability even in harsh environmental conditions.


  • Cost Savings: By harnessing solar energy, users can significantly reduce their electricity bills, offering long-term financial savings and stability.
  • Reliability: With high efficiency and robust protection features, the HUAWEI 25kW On-Grid provides reliable power generation. Minimizing downtime and disruptions.
  • Environmental Sustainability: By reducing reliance on traditional fossil fuels. Users can lower their carbon footprint and contribute to environmental conservation efforts.
  • Versatility: Suitable for both residential and small commercial applications. This inverter offers versatility and scalability, adapting to evolving energy needs.
  • Huawei Inverter App: The Huawei Inverter App allows real-time monitoring of your Huawei inverter, providing insights into power generation, energy consumption, and system health. This facilitates efficient management and troubleshooting of your solar energy system.
  • Huawei Warranty Check: Huawei provides a warranty for their inverters, ensuring product reliability and customer satisfaction. You can check the warranty status of your Huawei inverter through their official website or customer service, providing peace of mind about your investment.

Huawei 25kW On-Grid Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan

Experience energy freedom and constant power supply with efficient energy management through the Huawei (SUN2000-25KTL-M0) 3-Phase, setting new standards in 25kW on grid solar system in Pakistan. Offering exceptional value, Huawei 25kW Inverter price in Pakistan makes it ideal choice for users looking for the Huawei best 25kW Inverter for their 25kW on grid solar system for home in Pakistan.

The Huawei 25kW On-Grid Solar Inverter price in Pakistan is Rs. 700,000 (May 2024).

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Huawei Inverter Price List:


Rated Power

Price in Pakistan

Huawei 5kw On-Grid Solar Inverter


Rs. 365,000.

Huawei 10kW On-Grid Solar Inverter


Rs. 500,000.

Huawei 15kw On-Grid Solar Inverter


Rs. 635,000.

Huawei 20kW On-Grid Solar Inverter


Rs. 675,000.

Huawei 25Kw On-Grid Solar Inverter


Rs. 700,000.

Huawei 50kW On-Grid Solar Inverter


Rs. 915,000.

Huawei 25Kw On-Grid Solar Inverter Details:

Display LED
Frequency 60 Hz
Interface RS485, USB, Bluetooth
Max AC Current 33 A
Max. DC Current 75 A
Nominal AC Power 25 kW
Phase 3 Phase
Weight 57 kg
Max AC Power 27.5 kW
Dimensions 770x550x281 mm
Max. DC Voltage [V] 1000 V


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