Growatt 15kW On-Grid Solar Inverter

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Growatt 15kW On Grid Inverter Specs:
  • Advanced LCD display for real-time monitoring and optimization of power usage
  • Capable of operating at altitudes up to 3000 meters for consistent performance across Pakistan
  • Power factor optimization ensures maximum energy efficiency
  • Handles a maximum DC power of 18000W and maximum DC voltage of 1000V
  • Lightweight design at 23.5 kg for easy installation and transportation
  • Competitive price of Rs. 305,000/- offers cost-effective solar solution
  • Achieves maximum efficiency of 98.4% for higher energy yields and savings on electricity bills
  • Intuitive LCD interface for easy access to system information and management
  • Built to withstand diverse climatic conditions, ensuring reliable performance
  • Contributes to reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmental sustainability
  • Available for purchase online with huge discounts at
  • Ideal for both household and commercial energy needs in Pakistan

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Growatt 15kw On Grid Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan- Updated May 2024

Pakistan is currently struggling with high electricity prices and frequent power outages. Therefore, there is a growing demand for reliable solar solutions. In this period of transition, solar power presents an alternative to traditional energy sources and offers a sustainable solution to the country’s energy challenges. The 15kW Growatt Grid-Tied Inverter is a state-of-the-art technology that provides an efficient and affordable way to harness solar energy. Giving hope to those affected by the energy crisis. Buy Growatt 15kW Grid-tied solar inverter online at and get amazing discount on Growatt 15kW solar inverter price.

Growatt 15kW Grid-Tied nverter Features and Benefits:

Features of Growatt 15kW Grid-Tied Inverter:

  • Advanced Display:
    The inverter features an LCD display, providing users with real-time insights into power generation and consumption, empowering them to monitor and optimize their solar energy usage effectively.
  • High Altitude Operation:
    With the capability to operate at altitudes of up to 3000 meters, the Growatt inverter is suitable for a wide range of geographical locations across Pakistan, ensuring consistent performance in diverse environments.
  • Power Factor Optimization:
    Equipped with a power factor ranging from 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging, the inverter maximizes energy efficiency, ensuring optimal utilization of available solar power resources.
  • Technical Specs:
    The Growatt 15kW Grid-Tied Inverter offers advanced technical specs for optimal efficiency. With an LCD display, it’s suitable for diverse Pakistani regions, operating at altitudes up to 3000m. Featuring a power factor of 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging, it ensures energy efficiency with screw terminal AC connections and H4 / MC4 DC connections for easy installation. Handling a maximum DC power of 18000W and a maximum DC voltage of 1000V, it achieves a maximum efficiency of 98.4%. Lightweight at 23.5 kg and compact in size, it enables increased savings on electricity bills. Overall, the Growatt 15kW Inverter is reliable and efficient. Ideal for both household and commercial energy needs. Promoting Pakistan’s transition to sustainable solar power.

Growatt 15kW Grid-Tied Inverter Benefits:

  • Cost-Effective Solar Solution:
    Looking to invest in highly efficent and best quality inverter for grid-tied system. With a competitive Growatt 15kW inverter price in Pakistan, it offers an affordable option for households and businesses.
  • Efficient Power Conversion:
    Achieving a maximum efficiency of 98.4%, the inverter optimizes solar energy conversion. Ensuring higher energy yields and increased savings on electricity bills.
  • User-Friendly Interface:
    The intuitive LCD display provides users with easy access to vital information. Enabling them to manage their solar power system efficiently and make informed decisions about energy usage.
  • Reliable Performance:
    Built to withstand Pakistan’s diverse climatic conditions, including high altitudes. The Growatt inverter delivers consistent and reliable performance. Ensuring uninterrupted power supply for homes and businesses.
  • Environmentally Friendly:
    By harnessing solar energy, users contribute to reducing carbon emissions and environmental degradation. Promoting sustainability and a greener future for Pakistan.

Growatt 15kW On Grid Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan

Experience energy freedom and constant power supply with efficient energy management through the Growatt 15kW Solar Inverter, setting new standards in 15kW on grid solar system in Pakistan. Offering exceptional value, Growatt 15kW Solar Inverter price in Pakistan makes it ideal choice for users looking for the best 15kW Inverter for their 15kW on grid solar system for home in Pakistan.

The Growatt 15kW On Grid Solar Inverter price in Pakistan is Rs. 350,000 (May 2024).

Your electricity freedom is just a click away – buy Growatt 15kW On Grid Solar Inverter online at and enjoy delivery services of your Solar inverter in Islamabad, Lahore, Sahiwal, Gujranwala, Peshawar, Hyderabad, Faisalabad, Gujrat, Karachi and more.

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Growatt Inverter Price List:


Rated Power

Price in Pakistan

Growatt 5kW On-Grid Solar Inverter


Rs. 210,000.

Growatt 10kW On-Grid Solar Inverter


Rs. 300,000.

Growatt 15kW On-Grid Solar Inverter


Rs. 350,000.

Growatt 20kW On-Grid Solar Inverter


Rs. 420,000.

Growatt 25kW On-Grid Solar Inverter


Rs. 510,000.

Growatt 30kW On-Grid Solar Inverter


Rs. 600,000.

Growatt 40kW On-Grid Solar Inverter


Rs 675,000.

Growatt 50kW On-Grid Solar Inverter


Rs. 835,000.

Growatt 60kW On-Grid Solar Inverter


Rs. 925,000.

Growatt 100kW On-Grid Solar Inverter


Rs. 14,60,000.

**These are Growatt Solar Inverters price in Pakistan and are subject to change and may vary based on location, market conditions, and other factors. It’s always best to contact your local distributors or authorized sellers for the most accurate and up-to-date information on prices. Please ensure to verify the prices and other product details before making a purchase by contacting us on +92 (331) 578 9990 or by message on our webiste chat feature.**

Growatt 15kW On-Grid Inverter Details:

Product Name Growatt 15KW On Grid Solar Inverter
Display LCD
Altitude 3000m
Power Factor 0.8leading - 0.8laging
AC Connection Screw terminal
DC Connection H4 / MC4 (opt)
Nominal voltage 600V
Max DC Power 18000W
Max DC Voltage 1000V
Max Efiiciency 98.4%
Weight 23.5Kg
Dimension 480 / 448 / 200mm



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