Fronius Eco 20kW – DC SPD Type 1+2 – Single String – Fronius Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan

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The Fronius Symo Solar Inverter, a transformerless three-phase inverter, covers systems of all sizes with power categories ranging from 3.0 to 20 kW. It's designed with Super flex Design, making it ideal for irregularly shaped or multi-oriented roofs. With standard internet interface via WLAN or Ethernet, and easy integration of third-party components, the Fronius Symo stands out as one of the best inverters in Pakistan. Additionally, its meter interface allows for dynamic feed-in management and provides a clear visualization of consumption overview. As of April 2024, the discounted price for Fronius Solar Inverters in Pakistan is Rs. 434,000.

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Fronius Eco 20kW Solar Inverters Price in Pakistan – Key Features

  • Fronius Symo is a 20.0 kW inverter that works for all kinds of Solar systems in Pakistan.  It can handle high system voltage and wide input voltage range, which means it’s flexible for different system designs. It’s easy to connect to the internet with WLAN or Ethernet, and you can add other things to it easily.
  • Fronius makes it easy to fix their inverters fast. They have a special way to replace the PC board, so it’s quick for their service partners to do.
  • Their SnapINverter mounting system is cool too. It’s made so you can put it on the wall easily. You only need to take off part of it to fix it, so you don’t have to take the whole thing apart.
  • You can check how your solar system is doing with the WLAN interface. It’s simple to monitor your system with Fronius.
  • The SuperFlex Design is great because it lets you use the inverter in different ways. You can connect it to different types of roofs or shading and it still works well.
  • They also have something called the Dynamic Peak Manager, which helps find the best way for the inverter to work, even if there’s some shade.
  • Fronius inverters are ready for the future. They have smart features built in to help keep the power grid stable, even when there are lots of solar systems connected to it. This means you can trust Fronius inverters to keep working well and make sure you get the most out of your solar system.

As of April 2024, the price of Fronious is Rs. 615000.

Main Features:

Max. input current 33A /27A
Max Usable Input Current 51A
Max Array Short Circuit 49.5A / 40.5A
AC Nominal Output 20,000w
AC Output Current 21.7A
MPP Voltage 420-800v
Dimensions 725  x 510 x 225
Degree of Protection IP66


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