Inverex Solar Inverter Error/Fault Codes Explained

Inverex Solar Inverter Error/Fault Codes Explained

Inverex has established itself as a leading name in solar inverters in Pakistan. Inverex Inverter price in Pakistan along with their high-quality inverters that have become increasingly popular among residential and commercial users alike. This includes their

As Pakistan continues to embrace solar energy to combat power shortages and inflated bills, Inverex inverters have emerged as a reliable choice for converting solar energy into usable electricity.

Inverex inverters in Pakistan are known for their efficiency, durability, and advanced features that cater to the unique energy needs of Pakistani consumers. These inverters are designed to withstand the country’s diverse climate conditions, from the scorching heat of Sindh to the cooler mountainous regions of the north.

Like all sophisticated electronic devices, Inverex inverters come with a built-in diagnostic system that uses error codes to communicate potential issues or malfunctions. These error codes, ranging from F01 to F64, serve as a crucial interface between the inverter and the user or technician. They provide valuable information about the inverter’s status, helping to quickly identify and resolve problems that may arise during operation.

Understanding these fault codes is essential for Inverex inverter owners in Pakistan. They not only help in troubleshooting common issues but also aid in maintaining the inverter’s optimal performance and longevity. From simple issues like grid voltage fluctuations to more complex problems involving internal components, these error codes cover a wide range of potential scenarios.

By familiarizing yourself with these error codes, you can take prompt action when issues occur, potentially avoiding costly downtime and repairs. Whether you’re a homeowner with a small solar setup or a business owner with a larger installation, knowledge of these fault codes empowers you to make informed decisions about your Inverex inverter’s operation and maintenance.

In the following sections, we’ll help you understand specifics of these fault codes, providing you with a comprehensive guide to understand, interpret, and respond to any issues your Inverex inverter might face in the Pakistani context.

Inverex Fault Code Categories

We group similar error codes together to make them easier to understand. This includes DC issues (related to the solar panel side), AC issues (related to the grid or output side), ground faults, hardware problems, and operational issues.

  • DC-related errors (F01-F02, F14, F24-F27, F55-F56)
  • AC-related errors (F11-F12, F15, F29-F54, F57-F62)
  • Ground fault and insulation errors (F03-F04, F07-F08, F16, F21, F23)
  • Hardware and component errors (F05-F06, F09-F10, F63-F64)
  • Communication and operational errors (F13, F17-F20, F22, F28)

Inverex Solar Inverter Detailed Error/Fault Code List

We at compiled all error codes from F01 to F64 with brief descriptions to make it easy to understand it for you. It serves as a quick reference guide for you to troubleshhot while encountering an error.

Here is the list of all inverex solar inverter fault/error codes and their details: 

F01DC Inversed Failure
Incorrect DC input polarity
F02DC Insulation Failure
Poor insulation between DC inputs and ground
F03GFDI Failure
Ground fault detected
F04GFDI Ground Failure
Secondary ground fault issue
F05EEPROM Read Failure
Memory read issue
F06EEPROM Write Failure
Memory write issue
F07GFDI Fuse Failure
Ground fault fuse malfunction
F08GFDI Relay Failure
Ground fault relay malfunction
F09IGBT Failure
Power transistor malfunction
F10AUX Power Failure
Auxiliary power supply issue
F11AC Main Contactor Failure
Main AC connection switch malfunction
F12AC Slave Contactor Failure
Secondary AC connection switch malfunction
F13Working Mode Change
Unexpected operation mode shift
F14DC Over Current Failure
Excessive current from solar panels
F15AC Over Current Failure
Excessive current on grid side
F16GFCI Failure
Ground fault current interruption issue
F17Tz COM OC Fault
Communication overcurrent fault
F18Tz AC Over Current
Internal AC overcurrent protection
F19Tz IntegIntegration fault
F20Tz DC Over Current
Internal DC overcurrent protection
Ground fault overcurrent
F22Tz Emergency Stop
Emergency shutdown activated
Ground fault current interruption overcurrent
F24DC Insulation
DC insulation resistance too low
F25DC Feedback
Unexpected DC feedback detected
F26Bus Unbalance
DC bus voltage imbalance
F27DC Insulation ISO
Insulation resistance measurement issue
F28DCI Over M1
DC injection over limit (Mode 1)
F29AC Air Switch
AC circuit breaker issue
F30AC Main Contactor
Main AC contactor problem
F31AC Slave Contactor
Slave AC contactor problem
F32DCI Over M2
DC injection over limit (Mode 2)
F33AC Over Current
AC output current too high
F34AC Overload
AC output power exceeds limit
F35AC No Utility
Grid power loss detected
F36AC Grid Phase Sequence
Incorrect grid phase order
F37AC Volt Unbalance
AC voltage imbalance between phases
F38AC Current Unbalance
AC current imbalance between phases
F39INT AC Over Current
Internal AC overcurrent protection
F40INT DC Over Current
Internal DC overcurrent protection
F41AC WU Over Volt
AC W-U phase overvoltage
F42AC WU Under Volt
AC W-U phase undervoltage
F43AC VW Over Volt
AC V-W phase overvoltage
F44AC VW Under Volt
AC V-W phase undervoltage
F45AC UV Over Volt
AC U-V phase overvoltage
F46AC UV Under Voltage
AC U-V phase undervoltage
F47AC Over Frequency
Grid frequency too high
F48AC Under Frequency
Grid frequency too low
F49AC U Grid Current DC High
High DC component in U phase current
F50AC V Grid Current DC High
High DC component in V phase current
F51AC W Grid Current DC High
High DC component in W phase current
F52AC A Induct Current DC High
High DC in A phase inductor current
F53AC B Induct Current DC High
High DC in B phase inductor current
F54AC C Induct Current DC High
High DC in C phase inductor current
F55DC Voltage High
DC input voltage too high
F56DC Voltage Low
DC input voltage too low
F57AC Back Feed
Unexpected power flow to DC side
F58AC U Grid Current High
U phase grid current too high
F59AC V Grid Current High
V phase grid current too high
F60AC W Grid Current High
W phase grid current too high
F61AC A Induct Current High
A phase inductor current too high
F62AC B Induct Current High
B phase inductor current too high
Arc fault detected
F64Heatsink High Temperature
Inverter overheating

Common Causes and Troubleshooting Tips:

When encountering an error on your Inverex inverter, follow these general troubleshooting steps*:

  1. Record the error code and refer to the error code table for its meaning.
  2. Check for obvious issues like loose connections or damage to wiring.
  3. Ensure the inverter is receiving proper ventilation and isn’t overheating.
  4. For grid-related errors, check if there are any known power issues in your area.
  5. Restart the inverter by turning it off, waiting for 5 minutes, then turning it back on.

If the error persists after these steps, it’s time to call a professional. Contact a certified Inverex technician if:

  • The error involves internal components (e.g., IGBT, EEPROM)
  • There are repeated ground fault or insulation errors
  • You’re uncomfortable performing basic troubleshooting yourself

Maintaining Your Inverex Solar Inverter:

Regular maintenance is crucial for the longevity and efficiency of your Inverex inverter:

  1. Keep the inverter clean: Dust it regularly and ensure proper ventilation.
  2. Monitor performance: Check energy production daily to spot any unexpected drops.
  3. Inspect connections: Periodically check all wiring for loose connections or signs of wear.
  4. Update firmware: Keep your inverter’s software up-to-date for optimal performance.
  5. Schedule professional check-ups: Have a technician inspect your system annually.

Proactive care prevents many errors, extends your inverter’s lifespan, and ensures consistent energy production.

Understanding Inverex inverter fault codes is crucial for maintaining your solar energy system’s performance and longevity. By familiarizing yourself with these codes and following proper maintenance procedures, you can ensure your investment continues to provide clean, reliable energy for years to come.

Remember, while many issues can be resolved through basic troubleshooting, don’t hesitate to seek professional help when needed. Your safety and the optimal functioning of your system should always be the priority.

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